Hiring Security – What’s the ROI?

Hiring professional security guards for your event, business, managed property, or venue can yield a significant Return on Investment (ROI). While saving money is always a benefit, the additional advantages of hiring security can deliver even more long-term advantages. While some may see security as a costly expense, it’s a highly profitable investment that continually returns its value. Professional security guards are always available to detect and prevent incidents, deter potential criminals, and deliver round-the-clock surveillance that brings you and your customers greater peace of mind.

Below are a few of the ways security ROI can benefit you.

Lower Risk

Having professional security guards present in your building, whether it’s a business or a residence, is an effective deterrent for thieves and vandals. Offenders tend to target communities with minimal to non-existent surveillance. On-site guards who perform regular patrols can prevent crimes from ever occurring. You can also guarantee a skilled, rapid response to any threats that arise.

Improve Community Safety

For businesses, venues, and event hosts, the presence of security creates a sense of safety that boosts customer or attendee satisfaction. Likewise, security ROI for condominium owners is not merely financial. 

The presence of a reliable, professional security guard fosters a sense of safety throughout the entire community. Whether they are actively intervening or patrolling a location, the mere presence of a security guard brings greater peace of mind to everyone. Employees and staff can work confidently knowing that there is a professional safeguarding them. Customers can know they are not at risk of being victimized while on your premises. Residents of condominiums or apartment buildings rest easier knowing that their homes are in safe hands, whether they’re at work, relaxing indoors, or sound asleep.

Reduce Staff Workload

The responsibility to spot, intercept, and resolve potential crimes should not fall solely on employees’ shoulders. At events, the staff is already preoccupied with their duties, and they are more likely to overlook a potential warning sign or respond too late. Employees of businesses may need to be on alert for potential threats, but they are still not trained to appropriately intervene. Many do not even know how to appropriately respond if they see someone suspicious or face a direct security threat. 

Hiring professional security delivers a greater ROI on time and labor. Your staff is wholly focused on improving their performance with every penny you invest in them.

Savings on Expensive Equipment

Installing CCTV, security cameras, and alarms is a costly endeavor. Although these can capture crimes in action and deter some offenders, they do not offer the same level of protection as an on-site guard. 

Perhaps the greatest security ROI is knowing that you have a trained expert at your defense if trouble ever arises.


Choosing the right security team is the best way to ensure you get everything you pay for and more. At Silbar Security, we offer personalized security solutions for events, businesses, residential properties, and individuals. 

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